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KPMG Pilot®

KPMG Pilot®

A KPMG tool for DB and DC pensions education, modelling and informed decision-making.

A KPMG tool for DB and DC pensions education, modelling and informed decision-making.

KPMG Pilot® is our cutting edge pensions education and modelling tool.

Built with the member experience in mind, it was created to ensure members can get what they need quickly and easily, whether they are saving for retirement or ready to decide how to fund life after work.

What KPMG Pilot® is designed to do

  • Pull in information on both defined benefit (DB) and defined contribution (DC) pensions from providers and administrators and present it in one place for a holistic view
  • Help DC members model different options for saving for retirement
  • Help DB and DC members set a sensible target, with defaults based on Office for National Statistics (ONS) data
  • Educate DB and DC members on retirement options and allow them to model different scenarios, including DB to DC transfers

Pilot also offers

  • A range of education tools to watch, play and read; depending on the member’s preferred learning style. This includes nine educational videos, PDF flyers, an ONS-based budget planner, retirement profiler and the modeller
  • Support in the shape of ‘just-in-time-training’ through an in-line glossary, coach marks and a technical call centre
  • An affordable annual licence, including content updates, should legislation change over the course of the year

It can also be provided on a short-term basis to help with Member Option exercises. It has already been successfully implemented for Flexible Retirement Options exercises for DB members and has the potential to reduce the number of members who require a client-funded IFA meeting.  It achieves this by supporting members at an earlier stage when they are deciding if they keep their DB benefits or if it is worth having a deeper discussion with an IFA.

Find out more about in our one page document (PDF 2.8 MB) or our more in-depth booklet (PDF 1.7 MB).

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