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KPMG Company Secretary Association

KPMG Company Secretary Association

Providing a forum for company secretaries to discuss topics of interest and share concerns and experiences.

Providing a forum to discuss topics of interest and share experiences.

KPMG established the Company Secretary Association to bring together company secretaries and provide a forum to share concerns, issues and experiences with peers.

An annual program of events tackles the hot topics of interest for members, hosting experts to lead discussions, as well as facilitating exchange amongst members. Events can range from seminars to small group discussions, informal networking and larger presentations, all with a focus on our members.  

Examples of topics previously covered include:

• Evolution of the role of company secretary;

• Shareholder engagement;

• Board remuneration and gender pay gap reporting;

• Board evaluation approaches;

• Annual General Meeting trends;

• Market Abuse Regulation;

• The Stewardship Code; and

• Managing subsidiary governance.


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