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Global Mobility Services

Global Mobility Services

Helping organisations to manage their globally mobile workforce and respond to the challenges and opportunities.

Helping organisations to manage their globally mobile workforce.

KPMG's Global Mobility Services practice helps organisations to manage their globally mobile workforce and respond to the challenges and opportunities created by cross-border operations. As an international firm, we support more than 60,000 mobile employees/assignees in 800 organisations. In the UK, our team provides a single source of advisory and compliance experience covering all aspects of global mobility and international assignments. Our services range from major cost efficiency and risk reduction programmes to the completion of tax returns.

What's on your mind

  • Ongoing tax compliance in the UK and overseas 
  • Global expansion and managing an internationally mobile work force  
  • Internationally compliant compensation and benefits planning 
  • Short term business visitors and supporting compliance requirements globally 
  • Cost efficiencies and optimisation 

Bringing you peace of mind

  • We have a wealth of experience and can help you by: 
    • Reviewing your current expatriate assignment policies, processes and procedures and advise you of the key risk areas.
    • Benchmarking your international assignment policies against your industry peers.
    • Assisting you with managing your globally mobile workforce (relocation / tax and social security compliance and planning).
    • Reviewing your current international assignment costs and recommending ways of structuring the arrangements more tax efficiently.
    • Reviewing your current reward and benefits arrangements and helping to structure them in a cost and efficient manner.


  • Our market leading technology distinguishes us from our peers. It enables our clients to co-ordinate and manage their global assignments allowing them to reduce cost, enhance efficiency, and maximise the benefits of our services.
  • We can provide you with flexible, wide ranging services tailored to your specific needs in all your locations.
  • We have robust quality assurance procedures and standards that ensure a consistent, high quality service around the world

Case study

  • Over the past three years KPMG's Global Mobility Services and Pensions teams have been advising and assisting an international petrochemical company in managing their global assignee population.
  • Our work involved:
    • Working with a number of tax authorities globally to settle any historical tax liabilities.
    • Tax compliance services in relation to its international assignee population.
    • Reviewing, developing and harmonising assignment policies to ensure consistency and transparency across its assignee population.
    • Pensions advice following its acquisition of another entity.
    • Providing advice and looking at the possibility of setting up a global employment company to support its rapid growth strategy.
    • We have successfully worked with the client in putting in place suitable policies, processes and procedures to effectively manage their global assignee population, whilst at the same time, helping them meet their overall international growth strategy.

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