We can provide training tailored to your needs to help keep your finance team up-to-date with latest developments.

We can provide training tailored to your needs to help keep your finance team up-to-date.


Are you concerned about keeping your finance team up-to-date with the latest developments in accounting and reporting?

Our team of expert trainers can complement your own internal development programmes, providing information to those who require it, when they require it. Our training will be designed to suit your unique circumstances; training individuals, or small or large groups through on-line or more traditional classroom methods.

Your issues

  • How can you keep your global finance teams up-to-date on accounting developments?
  • How can you ensure that your M&A teams understand the impact that alternative deal structures will have on group results?
  • You understand that changes in accounting requirements will affect results, but how can you ensure that your sales team are aware of how these changes will impact on their activities?

Examples of how we can help

We provide training that is:

  • Tailored to suit your needs;
  • Delivered by specialist accounting presenters with robust technical skills who are used to dealing with the practical application of accounting requirements;
  • Truly engaging for participants through the use of worked examples and case studies;
  • Delivered in different formats including web based training for geographically spread finance teams, classroom based training and one-on-one sessions.

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Impact analyses of new accounting standards

Understand and quantify the impact of new accounting standards on your business.

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GAAP conversion

GAAP conversion

We can help you understand how changes in GAAP affect your financial statements and assist you in making complex accounting policy decisions.

Our Leaders

Financial Services Accounting Advisory

We provide practical solutions to new and complex accounting issues.

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Restructuring and group simplifications

We can work with you to ensure that a proposed restructuring is implemented efficiently.

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Accounting policy reviews

We help ensure accounting policies and financial statements reflect current requirements.

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Specific ad hoc questions

We can assist with any ad-hoc accounting queries.

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