New accounting standards

Impact analyses of new accounting standards

We can help you understand and quantify the impact of new accounting standards on your business.

Understand and quantify the impact of new accounting standards on your business.

Impact analyses of new accounting standards

Are you concerned about how new accounting standards will affect your balance sheets and reported results? In this increasingly complex and constantly changing regulatory environment, do you need support in training your staff in the new requirements?

We can help you keep up to speed with accounting developments and help you understand and quantify the impact of new requirements on results as well as the wider business.

Your issues

  • Analysts want to know how the IASB’s latest exposure draft will affect reported results. How will its proposals affect earnings, gearing and net assets?
  • Who are the analysts, shareholders, external parties that track your company and industry? What valuation models do they use and what information will they need?
  • Are your finance teams ready for the change? What are their training requirements?

Examples of how we can help

Our experienced team will:

  • Perform an initial impact assessment, highlighting the differences between current requirements and the IASB’s proposals;
  • Perform calculations to quantify the impact;
  • Review client calculations, providing assurance to the board on the detail of the calculations and/or the methods used;
  • Work with our tax colleagues who can provide tax assurance services on the consequences of the changes;
  • Provide training to both finance and non-finance personnel in the new developments.

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