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Technology Risk

Technology Risk

Manage IT-related risks to help optimise operating performance.

Manage IT-related risks to help optimise operating performance.

Organisations rely on technology, but the trust they place in their technology is constantly under threat from data loss, system weakness or project failure.

Technology-related failures persist because the full range and impact of technology risks is often ‘clouded by controls’. Existing control frameworks, usually focused on information security, provide an illusion of assurance whilst leaving major technology risks unmitigated. 

KPMG’s Technology Risk team helps clients to manage their technology risks. Our team brings technology risk awareness to the boardroom while helping clients keep information assets secure, systems functioning and controls operating effectively.

We understand that you rarely have an IT challenge that fits in a convenient service pigeon-hole. That’s why our Technology Risk professionals work with our clients to develop complete solutions that fit their needs, drawing upon multiple Technology Risk (and other) related services. Our aim is always to provide you with a service that meets your precise requirements. 

No matter what your IT challenge, you can be sure that KPMG Technology Risk will provide you with a bespoke solution built on our proven methodologies, tools and techniques.

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