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FairCall Ethics Line Service

FairCall Ethics Line Service

An independent external whistle-blowing service for clients, operated by KPMG in the UK.

An independent external whistle-blowing service for clients, operated by KPMG in the UK.

A key pillar in managing fraud, corruption and other illegal or unethical conduct is having a secure, confidential channel which employees feel comfortable using to speak up about concerns.

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FairCall Ethics Line Service

FairCall is an independent, external whistle-blowing service operated by KPMG, using trained and experienced forensic professionals. FairCall is confidential and secure.

Employees can report concerns 24/7, 365 days a year, wherever they are in the world, via a number of secure, confidential reporting mechanisms:

  • Toll free telephone numbers
  • Email
  • Web-portal
  • Post

We have a core network of over 70 international toll free numbers, with translation services available in over 200 languages

Our call answering staff have a forensic mind set. We aim to gather as much information as possible, to allow you to respond quickly and effectively to issues raised, helping you to save money, time and resources.

Within 24 hours of a matter being reported, authorised contacts within your organisation will receive a detailed report of what has been reported to us.

Contact us today for more information about how KPMG can help your organisation enhance its “speak up” procedures.

FairCall for Employees

KPMG’s independent FairCall service allows you to speak up about concerns or suspicions you may have in relation to unethical conduct in your workplace.

Please log in here using your company’s access code. You will then be able to access details of how to contact FairCall by telephone, e-mail, fax, post, or through our web portal.

  • All of the telephone numbers listed are toll free.
  • Your reports will be dealt with by forensic professionals at KPMG.
  • Your report can be in English or your own language.
  • You will receive a unique reference number for the matter reported.  
  • If you contact us by telephone, we will listen to what you have to say and we will ask questions to gather as much information as we can.
  • We will pass on the details to ‘Authorised Contacts’ within your employer organisation.
  • We do not provide your identify to your employer unless you wish us to do so.
  • We do encourage you to provide us with your contact details. This allows us to provide you with feedback on the matter you have raised. 
  • If you have more information to pass on regarding the same subject or if you are requesting feedback on the issue raised, you can contact us again and quote your unique reference number.

Some countries have restrictions on what can be reported anonymously.  We recommend that you check your employer’s policies which will list any restrictions and/or legal requirements that apply to reports from certain countries.

Visit the FairCall Ethics Service Line portal

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