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Regulatory Finance

Regulatory Finance

Optimise your interactions with regulators and authorities using regulatory and financial expertise.

Optimise your interactions with regulators and authorities using regulatory...

KPMG’s Regulatory Finance team provides advice on the financial implications of regulatory decisions. We help our clients to navigate their specific regulatory environment and to understand the various constraints and potential impacts on their business. We have in-depth knowledge of different regulatory regimes and processes and first-hand experience as regulators, which we use to help our clients achieve better outcomes.

We help clients develop coherent arguments in their interactions with regulators, through financial analysis, and first-hand experience of regulatory best practice, combined with leading academic collaboration.

We help our clients in the following areas:

  • Regulatory Strategy: functional/structural separation, regulatory governance models, charge control modelling, strategy and appeals, cost of capital estimation, product costing and allocation, regulatory compliance and margin squeeze analysis
  • Regulatory Audits: testing allocation principles, volumes and network modelling
  • Competition Finance: profitability analysis and cost of capital estimation for market investigations and market studies
  • Business Rates: combining industry, economic, financial and operational expertise to create opportunities for business rates optimization.

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