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Dispute Advisory Services

Dispute Advisory Services

Helping you make the right decisions from a stronger position through robust, compelling arguments on your case

Helping you make the right decisions from a stronger position

In commercial disputes we understand the stakes are often high. We can help you minimise your reputational risk as well as reduce time, costs and conflicts.

Our Dispute Advisory Services’ senior experts are regularly appointed to the role of Independent Expert Witness, Single Joint Expert or Expert Determiner. Experienced professionals within our team are frequently instructed in litigation, arbitration, mediation and alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

Our UK team has a proven track record on a range of issues including breach of contract, transaction and completion account disputes, shareholder disputes, insurance claims, product recall, contentious valuations, matrimonial cases, compulsory purchase orders and professional negligence.

We can provide robust, compelling arguments on the financial, economic and accounting aspects of your case - helping you to make the right decisions from a stronger position.

Our Dispute Advisory Services also includes: investigation and analysis, damages assessment, assessment of liability in accountant and auditor claims, data analysis and e-disclosure, assistance with negotiation strategy and joint venture and other contract dispute avoidance. 

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