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Actuarial and Insurance Risk

Actuarial and Insurance Risk

Prepare for the future in a changing regulatory landscape.

Prepare for the future in a changing regulatory landscape.

Significant regulatory changes in the insurance sector have required companies to embed risk management and risk-based capital models in to their business. 

Regulator supervision has increased, making the commercial environment much more challenging than it was prior to the financial crisis. Insurers are looking closely at ways in which they can transform their business and operating models to remain competitive but compliant in a changing regulatory landscape.

Our Actuarial and Insurance Risk practice helps you prepare for the future. We help them to measure and manage risks, manage regulatory relationships and analyse and improve performance. 

We can help you deal with a range of insurance issues, including:

  • Capital management and optimisation in the new regulatory environment (Solvency II)
  • Changes to financial reporting standards (IFRS4)
  • Need to embed risk management into business operations
  • Demand for quality information from robust and timely reporting
  • Dealing with increasing demands from regulators
  • Managing for profit in a low interest rate environment
  • Support with acquisitions and divestitures.

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