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Finance Transformation

Finance Transformation

Could transforming your finance function help transform your business?

Could transforming your finance function help transform your business?

Finance transformation is aimed at creating a finance function that is able to influence business leaders to make better business decisions. It will help to clarify the role of finance in driving strategic business imperatives, and will focus the finance function on delivering the right information to the right business leaders at the right time.

Many finance functions are still struggling to produce real business information that helps business leaders make the right business decisions. 

"Up to 50 percent of managers place no confidence in the numbers presented to them.”

Business Intelligence Research, Cambridge University, 2009

We can help to make the finance function more effective in driving business value and more efficient in the way that it currently operates within the organisation. 

Our approach, methodology and team are "field tested”. They have been repeatedly proven by working alongside our clients on their critical finance restructuring and redesign projects. Our finance transformation approach provides a framework for designing, building and sustaining a world class finance organisation.

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