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Portfolio Solutions

Portfolio Solutions

In an increasingly complex market, KPMG's Portfolio Solutions Group provides deep transactional insights and strategic advice to deliver real value.

Our ability to provide deep insights and strategic advice deliver real value.

KPMG’s Portfolio Solutions Group advises financial institutions and investors in developing and implementing strategies for managing their asset portfolios. The team combines transactional M&A experience with strategic advice to help clients make better decisions and maximise value.

KPMG has built a strong expertise across asset classes, including commercial real estate, corporate and SME loans, residential mortgages and consumer debt. Our team can help you understand complex markets and deliver real value through the whole loan portfolio management process.


Helping buyers realise investments and maximise opportunities

For loans, receivables and assets our buy side services include:

  • Buy side M&A advice, including:
    • project and third-party advisor management
    • Q&A coordination
    • market structure analysis
    • investment assumptions review
    • roll-up session preparation
    • sale and purchase agreement (SPA) and transition services arrangement (TSA) negotiation
    • integration advice and execution
  • Pricing and analytics. Valuation assumptions review and portfolio pricing 
  • Asset underwriting. Independent business reviews, recovery methodology prediction and optimal workout scenarios
  • Loan file due diligence and sample pool Agreed Upon Procedures, including transaction evaluation
  • Servicer reviews. Benchmarking of the current market to assess servicer capabilities and performance


Helping sellers devise and implement the optimal strategy

On the sell side, our services for loans, receivables and assets include:

  • Sell side M&A advice, including:
    • project and third-party advisor management
    • marketing material preparation
    • market sounding
    • data room setup/management
    • SPA/TSA negotiation assistance
    • separation advice and execution
  • Strategic review and option analysis. Explore different options for value realisation and portfolio management optimisation
  • Pricing and analytics. Using our knowledge to help generate a clear view of the market
  • Data preparation and remediation. Data quality validation and remediation with the aim of enabling transactions and maximising value
  • Vendor due diligence and sample Agreed Upon Procedures.


Further specialist advice

We offer platform sale and carve-out advice to parties on both buy and sell sides. On the buy side this includes providing targeted financial due diligence services, platform benchmarking and analysis. On the sell side, we offer strategic reviews of existing platform expertise benchmarking analysis M&A Sell-side assistance and Off-Boarding support.

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