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What was the issue?

The business was coming under pressure from various creditors, including suppliers and HMRC. As a result of cash flow difficulties, it had breached credit terms and payment dates, and the director was finding it difficult to see a way forward. As a result, trading was suffering and the director was experiencing a high level of personal stress.

How did KPMG help?

We helped the business prepare detailed trading and cash projections to demonstrate what the business could afford on a sustainable basis. We were able to introduce a new lender to the business who was able to provide a much needed cash injection, by releasing cash that was tied up in the existing assets of the business. This provided the business with the breathing space it needed to pay its creditors and implement a new business plan.

“We helped relieve the strain on the director, and by introducing a new lender helped the business gain new funding allowing creditor payments to be met. This built a stable platform on which the business could then execute its trading plan and ultimately find a way forward.”

James Dewar

“We assisted the business by helping prepare more robust forecasts and cash flows, which were then presented to key stakeholders. By producing credible forecasts, the business was able to secure the investment that was needed in order for management to try and turn the business around.”

Victoria Horishny

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