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30 voices: The next generation - microphone

30 Voices: The Next Generation

30 Voices: The Next Generation

In our original 30 Voices on 2030: Future of Financial Services, financial services insiders, outsiders, and challengers offered their thoughts on what the industry will look like in 2030. It also identified a number of hurdles and challenges, from redundant regulation and the threat of cybercrime to creating diversity on the board and improving financial inclusion. Now it’s time to hand future leaders the mic, giving them the opportunity to share their views and consider how they can help solve these challenges.

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Why are we launching Next Generation?

KPMG wants to give a voice to those talented individuals who one day may help shape the financial services landscape. For those hoping to be future financial services leaders, this day will be an excellent opportunity to think about the challenges they may well face for real one day - as well as creating an informal forum to help the leaders of tomorrow face the future with confidence.