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Reimagine social isolation

Reimagine social isolation

Stronger community ties could help address the loneliness epidemic currently facing the nation and could hold the key to happier and healthier lives.


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Social isolation is one of the invisible blights of our age. Millions of citizens of all ages live with little or no human contact. Apart from the personal distress this causes, it also takes a huge toll on health.

What if the solution to reduce the misery of social isolation – and save the NHS and social services a ton of money is as simple as to getting to know your neighbours a bit better? And how would this work? 

We present our ides on this article. Let us know what you think.

For more disruptive ideas on how to address public policy challenges, read our full report: Reimagine public policy. Alternatively you can download this chapter: Reimagine social isolation.

Reimagine social isolation
The number of people feeling isolated and alone continues to rise. But in the era of social media and apps, we have new tools to create communities of interest and link neighbourhoods together. Andrew Webster argues that digital technologies could help address the loneliness epidemic and reduce unnecessary GP visits.
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