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Let KPMG help you build your industrial strategy

Let KPMG help you navigate the UK’s Industrial Strategy

Following the UK's white paper on 'Industrial Strategy' we can help keep you abreast of upcoming changes with our findings, industry insights and market leading expert analysis.


Vice Chair, Head of Brexit and Industrial Strategy

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Welcome to KPMG’s industrial strategy hub; a collection of thought leadership, events and sector-led insights to help you navigate the UK’s industrial strategy.

Our nation needs the industrial strategy and we support the government's vital, long term plan for growth in this area. With the fourth industrial revolution underway, the UK is undergoing enormous change, namely in the form of disruptive technolgies. It is hard to envisage a sector or aspect of people's lives that hasn't been impacted by the evolution of artifical intelligence and sophisticated algorithms to name a few of the disruptors. 

The government commissioned white paper on industrial strategy cuts across multiple sectors and offers opportunities for businesses across every region of the UK. To make it a success however, business leaders must work closer with government.

At KPMG, we have a wealth of insight across the key policy areas of the industrial strategy. We provide a platform for round-tables and discussions, giving the opportunity for our clients to help shape their own strategy and make it a success. As a global business with unique insight across our public and private sector clients, we are in a prime position to advise. Our interactions with government keep us at the cutting edge of policy making, helping you discuss the industrial strategy with confidence.

You can download our report: How the UK can win the AI race 

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