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You can go far alone,
or go further with others

In the new economy, there are choices to be made. New approaches can deliver a competitive edge as ‘rent and collaborate’ replaces ‘build and buy’. The right strategy backed by actionable insights will enable you to act confidently, so you can move from innovation to results.

Decoding disruption

When disruption is everywhere, it’s tempting to opt for quick fixes or iterative changes to your strategy, but this can destroy value. Explore how the right insights can give you confidence in building a bold strategy to manage disruption. This guide outlines a four-step approach to deciding which markets to play in, how to win and what actions to take now.

Step 1 Map the disruption landscape
Step 2 Conduct a threat assessment
Step 3 Chart the course
Step 4 Transform the DNA

Transformation story

ViiV Healthcare

Creating positive pathways

Global pharmaceutical company ViiV Healthcare is working to improve quality of care for people living with HIV.

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Nicholas Griffin
Head of Global Strategy Group
Thursday, 10 September 2018
12:00 - 13:00

What's your AI strategy?

When it comes to technology, some industries move faster than others. But even in traditionally conservative and risk-averse sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, medicine and law, artificial intelligence is disrupting long-established business models. What kind of strategy must organisations adopt to harness all the benefits of AI?

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What’s your AI strategy?

Advantage digital: What’s your AI strategy?

To build an effective AI strategy, you need to get everyone on board and stop talking about cutting headcounts. Instead, start talking about the value the technology can bring to the business, and how it can help you achieve more for your customers and keep ahead of the competition.

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Mobility 2030

A spotlight on sector convergence

How do you think you’ll get to work in 12 years’ time? By bus, train, tube, bike, via your own personal drone or maybe even teleportation? Take a look at how technological innovation is set to disrupt the future mobility ecosystem completely.

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The Five Mys

The Five Mys: understanding how and why customers make decisions

Do you really know your customers as well as you think you do? The Five Mys – My Motivation, My Attention, My Connection, My Watch and My Wallet – are a new way to understand the collective influences on today’s consumers, their decision-making, preferences, choices and spending.

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Nicholas Griffin

Nicholas Griffin

Head of Global Strategy Group

Nicholas works with CEOs and management teams on high-value and complex strategy issues and opportunities, covering growth strategy, operating strategy and cost, deal strategy and enterprise-wide transformation.

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