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Go beyond knowing your customers to collaborating with them when you use advanced analytics to enrich your customer insights. We can help uncover what your customers really want and then design experiences that are engaging, personalised and profitable.

Global Customer Experience Excellence report: Tomorrow’s experience, today.

With the rapidly increasing pace of global change and the growing complexity of everyday life, businesses must have one foot in the present and one foot in the future to deliver competitively superior customer experiences. New technology is creating a heightened level of expectation among consumers. Companies that fail to meet these expectations are losing out on significant revenue to businesses who understand the value of customer experience excellence.

Based on extensive research across 14 countries and filled with practical insights, our 2018 report is essential reading for anyone who wants to embrace the technologies of the future and deliver tomorrow’s customer experience, today.

The report shows how leading brands demonstrate:


A commitment to excellence and competitive superiority

High levels of staff engagement and employee experiences that connect with the customer experience

An obsession with high quality execution

Clarity on the economics of experience

Transformation stories

Reaching out with digital

Reaching out with digital

Digital technologies are transforming banking. New digital strategies are needed to ensure growth and ensure banks continue to appeal to a new set of customers.

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Going for growth

Sophisticated data analysis is helping one of the world’s leading IT companies target marketing spend for maximum impact.

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David Conway
Director, KPMG Nunwood
Thursday, 05 July 2018
12:00 - 13:00

Tomorrow’s experience, today- What can you learn from the world’s leading customer brands?

The customer relationship has never been in such flux. As a result, deep, effective insights have never been more important. Companies that fail to meet these expectations are losing out on significant revenue to businesses who understand the value of customer experience excellence. In this webinar, we will reveal what is required to create a customer-centric organisation of the future, the world’s leading customer brands and how you use insight to understand the mind of the customer.

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A perfect storm of disruptive change

A perfect storm of disruptive change

As customer trust in big businesses declines, UK insurers are turning their focus on customer experience (CX) to gain a competitive advantage. In this report, KPMG Nunwood define The Six Pillars of Customer Experience to help insurers deliver superior customer experience.

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The Five Mys

The Five Mys: understanding how and why customers make decisions

Do you really know your customers as well as you think you do? The Five Mys – My Motivation, My Attention, My Connection, My Watch and My Wallet – are a new way to understand the collective influences on today’s consumers, their decision-making, preferences, choices and spending.

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Adrian Clamp

Adrian Clamp

Head of Customer Advisory

Adrian has over 20 years’ experience working with large, complex organisations to leading their transformation programmes and implement new customer-facing technologies and operating models.

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Vicki Joshi

Vicki Joshi

Director, Customer Lead for Insurance

Vicki has over 15 years’ experience working in partnership with leading brands to define their customer experience strategy, transform their omni-channel customer experience and design and implement customer journeys that deliver a differentiated brand experience.

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Tom Roberts

Tom Roberts

Director, Digital Lead for Banking

Tom Roberts has over 15 years of experience running and transforming businesses and delivering programmes of strategic change. He is very passionate about creating innovative and value-driven customer experiences for our clients leveraging the global network of KPMG’s Fintech partnerships and strategic alliances.

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David Conway

David Conway

Director, KPMG Nunwood

David Conway co-manages KPMG Nunwood’s customer experience management practice and oversees the Customer Experience Excellence Centre, an on-going approach to systematically identifying global best practice.

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