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Reimagine Challenge 2017

Reimagine Challenge 2017

A group of civil servants join forces with private sector once more to tackle some of government’s toughest issues.



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This year, four teams of civil servants from a range of departments and professions have once more joined forces with KPMG to reimagine new approaches to some of the toughest challenges facing the Civil Service.

Across six months, eight full day working sessions and an intensive judging process, each team is tasked with developing a radical idea into a practical, realistic solution that can help save taxpayer’s money, strengthen public services and improve citizens’ lives.

With access to public and private sector expertise, each team will conduct detailed consultations as part of an accelerated, collaborative process that’s built around the constraints and requirements of real-world delivery.

This year’s topics:

  1. Criminal justice reform
    Over time, prison population in Britain has risen sharply. How can we reimagine the criminal justice process to reduce reoffending, taking the pressure off society and our prisons?
  2. Personal debt & savings
    We’re all familiar with the stories of people and families who find themselves in a debt spiral. If personal debt is the result of making poor choices, how can we as a society support people to make better choices? How can we reimagine personal debt?
  3. Addressing Britain’s Housing issues
    Housing is an issue that cuts across much of society – a trigger to inequality. With demand consistently outstripping supply. How would you reimagine Britain's housing, unlocking it as a tool for social reform?
  4. Supporting international trade
    The UK has some of the most innovative companies in the world, but are we making it as easy as possible for such firms to trade internationally? What more could the government do to help; how can we reimagine boosting Britain’s exports?

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