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KPMG Brexit FTSE indices: August performance

Brexit FTSE indices

See what effect Brexit has had on the stock market. Every month, KPMG’s bespoke FTSE indices measure investors’ real appetite for UK stocks in the wake of the Brexit vote.


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Brexit FTSE indices

August results

The KPMG Non-UK50 is made up of the UK’s largest listed firms that derive more than 70% of revenues from abroad.

  • In August, the index increased by 2.2% (flat in US dollar terms)

The KPMG UK50 includes the largest listed firms from the FTSE 100 and 250 that derive more than 70% of their revenues from the UK.

  • In August, the index fell by 0.6% (down by 2.7% in US dollar terms).

Since the EU referendum …

  • The KPMG UK50 index has fallen 5.5% (down by 18% in US dollar terms).
  • The KPMG Non-UK50 index has risen by 33.5% (up 16% in US dollar terms).

Commenting on the data, Yael Selfin, Chief Economist KPMG in the UK, said: 

"Investors remained downbeat on the prospects for the UK economy in August as the fortunes of non-UK focussed companies continued to outperform those that depend on the domestic UK market.

"A slowing economy and uncertainty around Brexit may have encouraged investors to look for opportunities elsewhere."

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