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Reimagine Health and Work

Reimagine Health and Work

We reimagine a new approach to supporting freelancers with long term health conditions to help keep them in the workforce for longer.


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The number of self-employed in the UK has risen – by nearly 50% from 2000 to 4.6m. But at the same time the average age of the self-employed has risen from 56 to 63 years. With 58% of over-60s suffering from a long-term health condition – compared to 14% of under-40s – a growing section of the workforce is becoming both more prone to and less protected from, serious health problems.

Many of these people are skilled professionals, who add huge value to the economy. Can we reimagine a new approach that helps support freelancers to remain in work and contributing to the UK economy?

Our report: Reimagine a friendly society for the self employed highlights:

  • The solution – a support system for long-term health conditions that enables people to continue working. Although insurance is already available for the self-employed it is expensive and only starts after a number of weeks, it helps poverty but not businesses.
  • Delivery – ways to support people so they can keep working which offers various packages, including disability information and access to compensatory equipment or technologies
  • Making it affordable – spreading the cost, implementing a flat pay structure and making the scheme compulsory, are all factors that could ensure the scheme is affordable and adhered to



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