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KPMG Smart Infrastructure

Smart Infrastructure series

A series of thought leadership on how new technologies will improve our lives.

A series of thought leadership on how new technologies will improve our lives.

KPMG has conducted a series of thought leadership workshops – considering how we could use new technologies in infrastructure development, maintenance and operation; to improve our lives, reduce costs and create economic growth.

All of our ideas had to be built around existing and emerging technologies, not science fiction.

The workshops had to have clear benefits for investors and managers as well as customers and public policy goals.

They had to be realistic and deliverable, addressing the potential concerns and challenges around matters such as privacy, security and governance.

Within those constraints, we’ve tried to step outside conventional thinking and test out new ideas.

We want to stretch ourselves, applying new technologies and techniques to solve old problems.

We looked at global changes and how to stay ahead of them.

We have created several pieces of thought leadership, mapping out the practical steps needed to build a truly smart infrastructure.

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