Is ‘reshoring’ the answer to Brexit uncertainty? | KPMG | UK

Is ‘reshoring’ the answer to Brexit uncertainty?

Is ‘reshoring’ the answer to Brexit uncertainty?

Businesses in the UK may soon decide that ‘Made in Britain’ is the best response to currency weakness and the threat of tariffs post Brexit, says KPMG supply chain expert Andrew Underwood


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The weak pound and the potential disruption to supply chains means UK companies should start thinking about reversing the offshoring trend and bringing some manufacturing back to the UK, argues KPMG in the UK Brexit Supply Chain & Procurement Lead Andrew Underwood. 

Theresa May’s Lancaster House speech, earlier this year, which outlined her plan for Britain including Brexit, suggests the UK is on course for a ‘clean Brexit’ – out of both the Single Market and Customs Union as we know it. That has major implications for manufacturers’ supply chains. But it also presents a potential opportunity: could Brexit herald the return of manufacturing capacity that left Britain in recent decades?

KPMG supply chain expert Andrew Underwood is already talking to clients about reshoring and believes more companies should use Brexit to consider these deeper strategic questions.

In the article, he sets out:

  • The reshoring opportunity for UK suppliers 
  • The reshoring timeframe companies would need to hit in the two years before Brexit
  • Key questions businesses must address before pressing ‘go’ on reshoring
  • How far companies have already gone in bringing manufacturing back to the UK

Read the full 'Reshoring' production article. (8 minute read)

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