Moving at deal speed with data and analytics

Moving at deal speed with data and analytics

KPMG ensured that this client’s underlying portfolio data told the factual story to the bidders.


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Giving buyers the confidence to make their best offer is a crucial part of any successful deal. So when our client decided to sell a portfolio of over 150,000 power and gas contracts, they needed bidders to be able to see exactly what was on offer. 

The problem was no coherent overview of the portfolio existed. Much of the detail was locked away in a mix of data, held on multiple, segregated systems and with no common field or formats. As a result, it was impossible for bidders to understand the types of contract the portfolio contained and the billing and debt status of each.

Our data and analytics specialists developed a flexible solution which allowed our client to reconcile the key metrics easily.  It ensured that our client’s underlying portfolio data told the factual story to the bidders. The solution also provided bidders the ability to explore and conduct a detail analysis of the portfolio and recognise its true value.

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Fast decisions can be well considered.

Fast decisions can be well considered.

Grasp what’s important quickly, with trusted analytics.

To create the solution, we mapped, validated and consolidated data from the various systems and stored it in a central repository. Then we built an interactive dashboard to give a high-level and detailed view of the data. We made the dashboard available via the virtual data room set up to support the transaction. This allowed bidders to analyse the portfolio from any angle they wanted, giving them the power to ‘slice and dice’ the data and get a real feel for what was being sold.

We got the data in shape and made sense of the numbers far faster than our client expected. By doing this we eliminated the type of delay that can throw a transaction off course, and kept the whole process moving at ‘deal speed’. 

With a successful sale under their belt, our client will be free to focus on strategic priorities and continue developing as a leader in the global utility market.

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