Deal Tech - Overview

Deal Tech - Overview

Deal Tech comprises of four robust, innovative modules, which can either be used together or individually to provide a streamlined transaction process. These include:


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Data Profiling

The initial stages of many deals are limited by bespoke and fragmented IT systems. Consolidating data from these systems requires robust analysis to ensure integrity and consistency. To meet this head on, KPMG leverage Alteryx, an intuitive and interactive tool which blends data sources into a consolidated data set and performs data quality and consistency checks. Proprietary KPMG validation tools identify and report on data anomalies and inconsistencies that would otherwise be value erosive. The workflow is easily repeatable during each stage of the deal cycle, easily handling large data sets.


Badly structured data and data anomalies can undermine value in transactions. The Data Remediation Tool (DaRT) is designed to facilitate the collection of new data and documents and to improve the quality of existing data.

The DaRT process includes:

  1. importing data to be remediated;
  2. remediating the data with progress tracking;
  3. exporting cleansed transaction data

The key benefits from using DaRT are: 

  1. A centralised database maintains a single source of the truth through remediation
  2. Multiple users can work simultaneously with a full “audit trail”
  3. Checks and controls ensure data quality as data entries are made
  4. Documentation can be viewed side by side and exported into multiple formats

DaRT has already been applied in multiple jurisdictions and across various asset classes to enhance data on assets with a total gross book value in excess of €36 billion.

Visual Analytics Server

In a competitive transaction, the ability to interrogate and analyse data can be a key differentiator. Visual Analytics transforms the way data is viewed, interrogated, analysed and interpreted. When allied with a robust remediated dataset its benefits are hugely amplified.

Once data has been drawn from a variety of sources, users can run diagnostic analysis or demand analyisis. The user friendly dashboard, which can be refreshed periodically to get up-to-date information, draws out insights through interaction with data by providing clear insights.

Deal Room

KPMG’s Deal Room is an integrated due diligence and distribution platform built to support and streamline all transaction workflows. Built by deal makers, Deal Room increases the speed and efficiency of sell side and buy side activities.

Deal Room consists of:

  1. A virtual data room;
  2. Advanced Q&A functionality;
  3. Integrated bidding functionality between Investors and Sellers;
  4. Flexible authority over access and permissions; and
  5. A full audit trail to monitor activity.

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