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Telenor’s global impact assessment

Telenor’s global impact assessment

A quantification of Telenor’s impact on the economy and society across its global markets


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Large, global, companies are under increasing scrutiny regarding what they contribute – both economically and to society – in the countries and regions in which they operate.  However, many face difficulties in being able to robustly measure the value that they add. Telenor commissioned KPMG to conduct an independent study to address this issue. 

Our work with Telenor, to assess its global impact across its 13 markets around the world, used a framework that sought to capture, and quantify, the value it added in 2015 in a wide range of areas - from Telenor’s contribution to economic growth and employment, as a company and through customers’ use of its digital services, to the impact of its supply chain sustainability practices.  

Applying this framework has allowed Telenor to better understand, and articulate, the key drivers of the contribution it makes to the economy and society. The approach will also allow Telenor to measure the value it adds more consistently going forward.

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