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Key to energy innovation: Partnership

Key to energy innovation: Partnership

Energy firms that prioritise innovation and customer experience can thrive as sectors collide.


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As firms from other sectors are poised to enter the retail utility market, the winners will be those that play to their strengths, know how to partner and can change their business model to be more customer-centric. 

Energy UK’s Rosie McGlynn outlines how firms can stay ahead of the game through innovation from partnerships and how to utilise technology to become more customer-centric. Simon Virley, CB, Partner and Head of Power and Utilities for KPMG in the UK, and Helen Fleming, Policy Director Smart DCC, highlight examples of convergence in the the energy sector and the potential for the future.

Using lessons learnt from giants such as Amazon and Ocado, which model themselves on capturing customer data, she discusses how the industry is changing and the new skills needed as well as new areas emerging – in particular home storage technology for electric vehicles.

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