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Exceptional Women in Life Sciences 2017

Exceptional Women in Life Sciences 2017

This series is one of the initiatives that demonstrates KPMG’s commitment to the development, advancement and leadership of women.

This series demonstrates KPMG’s commitment to the development and advancement of women.

The rising costs of healthcare, growth prospects, the speed of innovation, patient access to data and limitless other factors are putting huge pressure on the life sciences industry in the UK and globally. The most successful companies today offer diverse perspectives and experiences as new challenges arise.

Utilising the life sciences industry expertise of KPMG specialists and leveraging the vast network of professionals in other sectors, allows KPMG's experts to produce strategies that help shape a competitive advantage, while driving measurable value.

“We are proud to demonstrate our industry expertise with our ‘Exceptional Women in Life Sciences’ video series. This programme addresses two of KPMG’s business imperatives: to profile our partners, managers and senior managers, while providing a vehicle for enhancing the connectivity our women have within the marketplace,” says Chris Stirling, Global Chair and Partner of the KPMG in the UK Life Sciences Practice.

Take advantage of this unique programme and experience these exceptional leaders’ insight. Watch the videos and find out how KPMG professionals at all levels discuss their commitment to life sciences, leadership roles, industry issues and the future of the sector.

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Michelle Quest on Exceptional Women in Life Sciences

Michelle Quest, Global Head of Tax for Life Sciences, explains how diversity across KPMG is supported so that everyone reaches their full potential.

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Dr. Adrienne Rivlin on future trends in Life Sciences

Dr. Adrienne Rivlin, Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences Strategy Group, highlights three important trends in the Life Sciences industry.

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Sarah Mancini on KPMG’s commitment to development

Sarah Mancini, Global Life Sciences Knowledge Manager, shares her experiences and thoughts about KPMG’s commitment to the development.

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Dr. Hilary Thomas on women in leadership roles

Dr. Hilary Thomas, Chief Medical Adviser, Partner, discusses how more women are moving into leadership roles in the Life Sciences industry.

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Anna Marie Detert on mentoring aspiring women in Life Sciences

Anna Marie Detert, Partner, People & Change, explains why one to one interaction is often very impactful when mentoring aspiring women in the Life Sciences industry.

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Chris Stirling on the importance of the Exceptional Women programme

Global Head of Life Sciences explains the importance of raising the profile of women across the industry.

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Life Sciences

Harness the power of data, technology, strategic and operational experience.

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Exceptional Women in Life Sciences

View other videos from global network of member firms on collaboration, patient centricity, passion in life sciences and mentorship.

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