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Cashflow negative isn't such a negative

Cashflow negative isn't such a negative

Our take on why cashflow negative has become a misguided focal point and the real factors pension schemes should be clear on.


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Cashflow isn't such a negative

You can’t attend a pensions conference these days without hearing the words ‘cashflow negative’ being given great emphasis. 

Cashflow negative refers to when a scheme has more outgoings than incomings. Why should investment strategies and risk management be any more relevant for a cashflow negative scheme than a cashflow positive one? 

We have produced a paper that sets out our take on why being cashflow negative is largely irrelevant to risk decisions and why cashflow negative has side tracked the industry. You can view an executive summary, outlining the key issues, or click the link below to read the full report.

You can read our Cashflow isn't such a negative paper here.



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