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HMRC’s accelerating counter avoidance activity

HMRC’s accelerating counter avoidance activity

Kevin Elliott examines the implications of the Government’s recent increased investment in HMRC’s counter-avoidance and litigation activity.


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Within an Autumn Statement widely regarded as unremarkable, it was interesting to note an announcement that the Government is investing further in HMRC to increase their activity on countering avoidance and taking cases forward for litigation. The investment will provide HMRC with additional resource of up to 200 full-time equivalent staff each year from 2018-19 to 2021-22, with the aim of capitalising on the recent strengthening of HMRC’s powers by supporting compliance activity.

In a recent article for Accountancy Magazine*, Kevin Elliott, a tax director at KPMG in the UK, takes a look at the implications of this investment in HMRC, and what it may mean in practice for taxpayers.

* This article was first published in Accountancy magazine, January 2017, part of Wolters Kluwer UK. Reproduced with permission.


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