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Reward and Benefits

Reward and Benefits

Providing updates on all of the elements that make up an employee's total reward - how that is benchmarked, structured, designed and delivered.



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Rewards and Benefits

This page is concerned with all of the elements that make up an employee's overall reward package - how that is benchmarked, structured, designed and delivered. 

We focus not only on the regulatory environment in the UK - as it impacts the tax/NIC efficiency of certain benefits, e.g. cash and share based incentive schemes, pensions, company cars, holiday, mileage allowances, etc. - but also on providing insight around governance and regulation affecting decisions around reward. We also consider issues such as Total Reward and Flexible Benefits as ways of constructing and communicating reward to employees.

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KPMG Guide to Directors Remuneration 2017

Our guide offers a broad overview of executive directors’ remuneration in FTSE 350 companies, including salary, pension, bonus and long-term incentives; as well as non-executive directors’ fees. It also provides insights into diversity across the executive population, alongside other current issues affecting remuneration.

Supreme Court finds for HMRC in Rangers EBT case

The Supreme Court, in a unanimous decision, has dismissed the taxpayer’s appeal in what became known as the “big tax case”.

Annual reporting for employment-related securities

The Employment Related Securities (ERS) annual returns deadline has been extended to 24 August from 6 July following HMRC Online Services' IT glitch.

Spring Budget 2017

We need to change the way we tax work, says KPMG. Changes will need to be wide ranging and will go to the very core of the UK tax system.

Changes to the disguised remuneration landscape

HMRC have announced certain changes to their proposals to extend the disguised remuneration rules. 

KPMG's Guide to Directors' Remuneration 2017

KPMG has published its 2017 edition of the Guide to Directors' Remuneration, which analyses trends in FTSE 350 directors' pay.

The Green Paper - Corproate Governance Reform, November 2016

The UK Government has issued its Green Paper setting out proposed updates to the corporate governance framework.

Autumn Statement 2016 - Employers overview

There were a number of updates from a people and pay perspective, following on from the latest round of consultations, together with the announcement of plans for further reviews and calls for evidence in 2017. From an employers' perspective, the main developments were centred around salary sacrifice, IR35, PAYE settlement agreements, and termination payments.

The benefits of delivering online access to pension scheme members

How can greater access to pension details online drive better outcomes for members, trustees and employers.

Funding DB in challenging times - part 1

Mike Shimwell considers the interaction of the regulatory and legal environments to draw some conclusions on pension scheme funding in the current environment.

It can't get any worse, can it?

With pension schemes wondering if things can get any worse, we look at the market and wonder if things can get any better. 

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