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In the Market

Every month, KPMG’s Banking Deal Advisory newsletter brings you the key news and KPMG insight into the EMEA banking transaction landscape.


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What to expect

In every issue, In the Market covers “Highlights” where we publish key KPMG analysis and articles on the topics influencing buy side and sell side activity. “Key Deals and Activity” features interactive dashboards for you to analyse key transactions across EMEA (click here to view). Our “Wider insights” section covers views and content from beyond EMEA or banking that are influencing the market.

European Debt Sale Tracker

European Debt Sale Tracker

A downloadable interactive dashboard that provides key statistics on the macroeconomic and loan markets in key countries.

Latest updates

Non-performing loans in Europe

This month KPMG have released their views on the current European deleveraging market, and in particular provide insights on the 'ECB guidance on NPLs' and results from the KPMG ECB Survey on what banks believe are the implementation challenges facing them in 2017.

Moving at deal speed with data and analytics

Poor data leads to unsuccessful or sub-optimal transaction outcomes. This is an issue which has marred many acquisitions across Europe, especially across emerging markets. KPMG has developed innovative deal tech solutions to improve data quality and remediation and this has impacted the outcome during sale processes.

Key deals and activity

We recap the key banking deals across Italy, Greece and Indonesia.

Portfolio Solutions

Portfolio Solutions

In an increasingly complex market, KPMG's Portfolio Solutions Group provides deep transactional insights and strategic advice to deliver real value.

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