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Putting patient care first: Need for strong leadership

Putting patients first

A journey towards system-wide coordinated, patient-centric care.



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Scandals within the NHS over the past couple of decades have thrown a spotlight on leadership issues. The Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust story in particular showed a clear link between failings in leadership and unnecessary patient deaths.

Clearly something needed to be done – and fast. The NHS knew it couldn’t deliver on a new and improved leadership programme without external help. For the past three years, KPMG has been working with the NHS Leadership Academy and a consortium of partners to deliver programmes professionalising leadership in the NHS.

The aim is to achieve system-wide coordinated care, bringing patients back into the heart of everything the NHS does, explains Sarita Kalra, KPMG in the UK public sector healthcare advisor. “The question we ask all participants is: Regardless of where you sit in the health system, how does what you do impact a patient? What is the effect? If, for example, you sit in a back office function and don’t see patients first hand, how do you realise that the decisions you make have an impact on every person that walks though the front door?” 

Putting in place a specific structure tailored to a trust to enhance leadership can offer incredible benefits both to patient care and the finance department. Our report outlines how implenting leadership courses can help achieve your Trust's ambitions.

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