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Building confidence through internal audit.

Internal audit has long played a pivotal role in providing independent assurance to the board. But that role, and the way it is executed, faces incredible pressure to evolve.

The past ten years have seen unprecedented change in business models, markets and technology. The next decade promises so much more.

Evaluating new risks and opportunities at a much faster rate demands new structures and skills in the IA team – and a more nuanced understanding of risk across the business.

With ever-tighter regulatory pressure and tougher, more unpredictable markets, executives need both the disciplined insight and strategic counsel only IA can offer.

Cornerstone explores how internal auditors can stay relevant in this fast-moving and increasingly demanding environment.

We know internal audit (IA) has a mindset that can shape better decisions – both at the very top, and among front-line management. But we also know they need up-to-date analytical tools, the best talent from diverse professional backgrounds, and cutting-edge technical skills to win a seat in the c-suite.

Cornerstone is our window into the skills, structures and systems that will help IA serve business best.

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