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2016 KPMG UK Fiduciary Management Survey

2016 KPMG UK Fiduciary Management Survey

Our latest Fiduciary Management survey charts the increase in the number of defined benefit pension schemes in the UK using Fiduciary Management. It provides some insight into who is using Fiduciary Management and how they go about it. We also show a snapshot of the different types of investment strategy favoured by the different Fiduciary Managers.



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Fiduciary Management Survey 2016

Key highlights:

  • The overall size of the Fiduciary Management market has grown – we have now recorded nine consecutive years of growth;
  • Fiduciary Managers are not doing all the same thing: different Fiduciary Managers are putting in place contrasting investment strategies for their clients which will lead to a variety of client experiences;
  • There is still a relatively small number of new appointments that were advised by an independent third party, although this has increased from 2015;
  • The size of the Fiduciary Management market means that their decisions to buy or sell can impact on other investors (for example: contribute to a high demand for and therefore price of UK Government bonds (gilts)).


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