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KPMG Reimagine Government insights

KPMG Reimagine Government insights

KPMG staff have imagined new ways for government to achieve public policy objectives. This might mean building services around the user rather than the provider or drawing on the huge potential of data and digital technologies. It could even mean tapping into the power of markets, new incentives, transparency or the wisdom of crowds.


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To channel our thinking, we imposed three rules: ideas must be designed to produce better public outcomes without increasing the burden on the taxpayer; must align with the government’s philosophy and headline policies; and they must be realistic and deliverable.

Within these rules we want to step outside conventional thinking and test out new ideas on how public policy goals can be achieved. We want to stretch ourselves, applying new technologies and techniques to solve old problems. 

We are not calling for a specific future – but we are reimaging it. What do you think?

Reimagine staff management

Reimagine staff management

Reimagine staff management

KPMG map out ways to give public servants more flexible and varied careers, whilst stimulating local economies.

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