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KPMG Pensions Insurance Seminar

KPMG Pensions Insurance Seminar

The KPMG Pensions Insurance Seminar is taking place on Monday 7 November 2016.


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I am delighted that the third edition of the KPMG Pensions Insurance Seminar will be running at full capacity this year. We look forward to hosting over 90 attendees on Monday 7 November at our Mayfair London office for an exciting morning. During the seminar we will make sense of the uncertainty in the market following UK’s decision to leave the EU, we will discuss current market opportunities available for pension schemes and how to decide when and when not to transact. In particular, we will cover the following:

• What has been the impact of Solvency II and Brexit on pricing, competition and the way schemes should approach the market?

• How can small schemes approach the market in an environment where insurers are refusing to quote for smaller transactions? 

• How can large schemes identify the biggest risks they face and what can they do to remove this risk for the least cost?

• What lessons can distressed schemes learn from Tata and BHS, so that members lose out as little as possible when schemes in distress are transferred to an insurer?

This year will be our most interactive seminar yet and we have set ourselves the target of making sure everyone goes away having learned something new and having their key questions or uncertainties answered. As part of the seminar we will be holding a Question Time style panel discussion with all seven of the bulk annuity providers to put them on the spot to answer key questions the attendees may have. 

If you are interested in attending, please let us know by clicking here and we can let you know if space becomes available. If we get sufficient interest, we may consider running the seminar again at a later date.

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