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The Digital Telco: gateway to the connected world

The Digital Telco: gateway to the connected world

To continue driving revenues, telcos must transform into agile, customer-led organisations that provide a faultless, seamless service across both broadband and mobile.



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The Digital Telco

Our survey of consumers explored their views on the opportunity provided by the connected world. Our findings show there is massive potential for telcos that deliver reliable connectivity and faultless customer service. Average revenue per user could rise by more than 10 percent annually.

Key Highlights from the report:

  • Half of consumers surveyed would leave their telco provider immediately (even with financial penalties) if there was a breach of personal data privacy.
  • We've calculated consumers will pay £900m p.a. extra for a faultless customer experience with no dropped connections from their mobile provider.
  • For guaranteed consistently reliable broadband, that figure is £550m.

Our survey also reveals huge opportunities for telcos from the growing demand for a new generation of connected devices and services; from media and entertainment, to utilities and healthcare.

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