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Brexit: Restructuring options for insurers

Brexit: Restructuring options for insurers

Brexit has already shaken up markets and business plans. There’s plenty of uncertainty about what’s going to happen over the next couple of years. As insurance clients consider how regulatory and structural changes might affect them, we explore how they might shift their focus towards the opportunities in store.



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  • Ensure your planning is not simply reactive but also strategic in its scope
  • Understand the timing, costs and risks involved
  • Be realistic when devising your restructure timetable

The vote to leave the EU has significant implications for the insurance market, both directly in terms of access to European markets and to talent; and also indirectly as the macroeconomic, competitive, and regulatory environments evolve.

KPMG’s insurance clients are actively reviewing the potential impact. But they’re also asking us what they should do to seize opportunities from Brexit. We explore the key issues that insurers must manage as part of a robust restructuring plan, in order to both protect and enhance their business models. 

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