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Platform Migration: Don’t forget the data

Platform Migration: Don’t forget the data

KPMG shares why companies must learn from past mistakes before embarking on a platform migration.



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  • Think “data” from the start
  • “Quick and dirty” is not a safe solution
  • Clean data, clean systems, clean benefits 

Financial services is going through its latest round of consol idations and regulatory change. Firms are changing, too, in the way they organise, package and present themselves – and “the platform” is now their defining characteristic. 

In Platform Migration: don’t forget the data, we outline why organisations need to spend time and resources focusing on how best to move over historic data and associated business processes. Those that don’t, will face more problems down the line, with customer experience, agility and operating costs all at stake.For organisations that get it right, the benefits are numerous, such as straight through processing, quicker reporting, faster products to market and more cross-selling opportunities. 

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