KPMG HPR provides specialist services for large scale global infrastructure projects.


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Global investment in infrastructure is growing at an exponential rate, with spend predicted to reach £45 billion in the UK during 2016 alone. Our clients are grappling with increasingly ambitious and complex projects, which bring with them unfamiliar risks, amplified by the additional complexity that global supply chains bring.


KPMG HPR provides specialist delivery, commercial, contractual, programme and risk management services to help public and private owners, investors, contractors and vendors involved with large scale global infrastructure projects. 


With over 40 years’ experience advising on some of the world’s largest and most high-profile projects, we can help your business to plan and avoid costly delays and over-runs. We help clients who operate in the energy, transportation, and oil and gas sector. 


KPMG HPR joins KPMG's Major Projects Advisory team, which advises on large scale infrastructure projects across the UK and worldwide, enabling us to advise at every stage of a megaprojects, from initial planning to final delivery and through operations and maintenance, disposal or renewal.


KPMG HPR is led by Kelvin Hingley and Nigel Bell

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