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Local empowerment: how to achieve a sustainable health and care service

Local empowerment

Demands on health and care services are becoming ever more complex and are changing at different rates across the country, whilst batting against serious financial constraints. With these pressures having the potential to cause a seismic impact to the way health and care services operate, how will they respond to these challenges?


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Working in collaboration with Localis, this report explores in detail the case for localist reform, paving way to a devolution revolution within the NHS. With a survey of over 100 key NHS and local government stakeholders, the report argues that much more NHS funding should be raised and controlled locally with local NHS and local government leaders devolved total control of their entire local health budget. 

To provide the framework for this ‘devolution revolution’, Localis recommends that areas across the country negotiate health devolution deals with Government that empower local leaders to drive integration, transformation and financial sustainability in their local health and care economies. 

Click here to download a copy of the report and read the full recommendations. 

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