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128 Missed Connections: Post-Brexit, additional runway capacity is now more important than ever

Post-Brexit, additional runway capacity is now vital

A Britain outside the EU needs connections to the world. Investment in airport infrastructure will send a positive message to our trading partners.



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A Britain outside the EU means a Britain that needs connections to the world even more than before. Investment in critical airport infrastructure will send a positive message to our trading partners and be viewed as a statement of intent.

Global economic growth will be powered by both absolute population growth in the world’s emerging biggest cities and growth in wealth (GDP per capita).

In 2016 London is already not connected* to 128 of the biggest cities** in the world.Other European hubs already reach 32 of them, and the problem is only going to get worse. By 2030 there will be 77 more cities with populations of over two million, and London will have limited capacity to connect to any of them.

Looking further to the future we currently lack connections to 194 of the 309 cities that will have populations over two million in 2030 and our competitors already connect to 41 of these.

  • 43 of these cities will be in Asia Pacific, which also shows the highest growth in GDP per capita
  • 16 of those will be in China and 15 in India, both leading emerging markets, which will power global growth.

If London doesn’t invest to connect, more of the world will be beyond our reach.

The research and map of missed connections commissioned by the Let Britain Fly campaign group and carried out by KPMG can be seen here


James Stamp, KPMG’s Global Head of Aviation said: 

“Now, more than ever, UK plc needs to demonstrate both its ability and willingness to connect to trading partners and investors in the rest of the world. Making a positive commitment to vital UK aviation infrastructure will send a strong message that we are open for business, and would go a long way to alleviate the concern that we are missing those global connections that are so important for business, jobs, and growth.”

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