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Discussion draft: implementing tax-treaty related BEPS measures

Discussion draft: implementing tax-treaty

The OECD discussion draft requests comments on the development of a multilateral instrument to implement the tax-treaty related BEPS measures.


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Action 15 ‘Developing a Multilateral Instrument to Modify Bilateral Tax Treaties’ of the base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) Action Plan concluded that a multilateral instrument to implement tax treaty-related BEPS measures should be developed, and an Ad Hoc Group was established in May 2015 to do so. The Group plans to finish their work and open the instrument for signature by the end of 2016, and has issued a discussion draft to request input on certain related technical issues.

The discussion draft is open for public comments until 30 June 2016, and all comments received will be made publicly available after the consultation period closes. A public consultation meeting will also be held in Paris on 7 July 2016, and further information on this can be found here

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