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CSI and IP Remediation: A case study

CSI and IP Remediation: A case study

As the value of data and the insight it can provide to a business becomes more apparent to senior stakeholders, data, and its ownership, is a key area of focus during M&A, divestment and demerger deals.


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The need to hive off data such as Intellectual Property (“IP”) or Commercially Sensitive Information (“CSI”) during this process is key to ensuring continuation of business (client focus) and healthy market competitiveness (regulatory focus). Only on implementation does the full complexity become apparent. In this article we focus on how we work with companies to design and implement bespoke workflows and technology in order to identify IP/CSI and cleanly carve out data in a manner which limits impact on the business operations.

Read the full article, including where do we start, what is included, and a case study in this edition of M&A Matters.


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