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Changes to HMRC bank details

Changes to HMRC bank details

The account details that should be used when making payments to HMRC from overseas bank accounts have now changed.


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From 1 April 2016, HMRC have changed the bank details that must be used to pay tax from overseas bank accounts, and the old account was made inactive and incapable of accepting payments. However, this change was not widely publicised by HMRC and many taxpayers may be unaware of the change. HMRC have informed us that they have been attempting to communicate with affected taxpayers via Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs) and other communication channels and are targeting communications at those who continue making payments to the wrong accounts.

If you have already made a payment to the old accounts, or if your payment has been rejected, you will need to use the new IBAN numbers as set out on the Paying HMRC pages.

  • For VAT see the bottom of the section 2 of Pay Your VAT Bill page here.
  • For Corporate Tax see the bottom of section 2 of Pay your Corporation Tax bill here
  • For PAYE see the bottom of section 2 of Pay employers' PAYE here.

For other taxes and payments see the relevant section on or contact your usual KPMG contact.

Please note that the updated details are only for use when making payments from overseas bank accounts – the bank details for payments made from UK bank accounts have not changed.

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