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Re-evaluate ad spend: The numbers behind adblocking

Re-evaluate ad spend

Our survey confirms media firms’ fears: users don’t want ads, but won’t pay to get rid of them. We need new ideas or consumers, publishers and advertisers face calamity.




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Users don’t want ads, but aren’t prepared to pay for content – that is the worrying conclusion for media companies from KPMG’s consumer survey examining the use of adblockers.

Advertising has always provided the lion’s share of financing for internet content. Yet consumers almost regard free content as a right and think little about how it is funded. Adblocking is now crystalising that threat – 44% of UK consumers say they will use an adblocker in the next six months according to the survey.

Media companies urgently need to identify business models to tackle the threat.

Our report, based on a survey of 2,072 adults in the UK, discusses what steps advertisers and media businesses can start to take to meet this fundamental challenge.

Key findings include:

  • No shortage of appetite for adblockers, and awareness is very high across all accessible devices
  • Content providers will almost certainly start restricting access if they detect adblocking software
  • There are positives for content providers: most people report a ‘pick and mix’ approach to using adblockers, and are open to paying a fee to keep the gates open
  • Brand awareness and trust seem key to winning people back.



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