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Project Sun 2015 results

Project Sun

A study of the illicit cigarette market in the EU, Norway and Switzerland.


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Project SUN is an annual study estimating the scale and development of the illicit cigarette market in the EU, Norway and Switzerland, commissioned jointly by the four major tobacco manufacturers - British American Tobacco plc, Imperial Tobacco Limited, JT International SA and Philip Morris International Management SA.

Key highlights

  • Total illicit cigarette volumes account for 9.8% of all cigarettes consumed in the EU in 2015 representing a marginal decline to 53 billion cigarettes;
  • Illicit Whites brand flows continue to represent over one third of the illicit cigarettes in the EU; 28% of Illicit Whites brands flows were  cigarettes with Belarusian labelling;
  • Cigarettes seized with OLAF support were in excess of 0.6 billion cigarettes, compared with 0.3 billion in 2014;
  • If the C&C volume in the EU had been consumed legally, an additional tax revenue of €11.3 billion would have been raised

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