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Macroeconomics and Brexit in the boardroom

Macroeconomics and Brexit in the boardroom

The economic outlook is high on the watch list for UK boards as issues such as the slowdown in China, the drop in oil price, the US presidential elections and the upcoming EU referendum impact confidence in many sectors. KPMG Chief Macroeconomist Yael Selfin talks about the potential risks and opportunities that organisations ought to be considering both in Europe and in emerging markets.


Yael Selfin

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Bite-sized ideas for your boardroom agenda:

• If the UK does choose Brexit what would the impact be on your business performance and prospects? How will this impact your workforce, supply chain, operations and systems?

• Have you considered potential changes to exchange rates, inflation, interest rates and wages post-referendum in your trading projections?

• As some of the UK major trading partners experience more weakness in their economies are you confident that you understand the implications this could have on your business?

• Exploring the opportunities in emerging markets could give your business the competitive edge, have you considered its potential?

Download our Brexit: Planning for all eventualities guide

Brexit understanding your exposure

No two organisations will have the same exposure to the potential impact of a Brexit. KPMG’s 9 Levers of Value framework highlights some of the questions business leaders should be asking to consider the impact on their business of a ‘leave’ vote. 

Download BREXIT: understanding your exposure

Brexit: the economic implications

Brexit: the economic implicationsThe long-term effects of an exit will depend on the relationships the UK forges with the remaining EU countries, and those further afield. In what ways could an Out vote potentially affect the UK economy?

This paper provides a range of assumptions that businesses planning for the event of an Out vote may consider.

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Brexit: the business migration impact

If the UK votes to leave the European Union, non-British UK residents and business visitors from the EU, the European Economic Area or Switzerland are likely to be affected.

The rules are complicated and may well change depending on exactly what is negotiated in terms of Britain’s exit from the EU. KPMG has developed a flow chart to show how different types of people might be affected.

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Brexit in the boardroom - the role of internal audit

Brexit is certainly preoccupying corporate minds. It has surged onto boardroom agendas and risk radars. Every company should be considering how it might be affected by Brexit, from a legal, regulatory and economic perspective. Each ought to be working through the principal upsides and risks of Brexit and identifying where they might feature in value chains.

This paper addresses potential implications and issues that organisations ought to consider and examines the role of Internal Audit in providing support, challenge and assurance to the board. 

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