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Enterprise performance management in the telecoms industry

EPM in the telecoms sector

Fueled by the rapidly growing demand for data, the telecommunication industry has seen an explosion of product and service convergence.


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In the face of increasing competition, pressure on prices, industry consolidation and technology led product innovation, the requirement for insight to support business decisions has significantly increased across the industry.

At the same time, companies face a profound challenge in understanding and addressing issues within their own walls limiting their ability to react to the rapidly changing landscape. These include inefficient cost structures, rushed product introductions and legacy systems that can hinder the realisation of strategic goals. In this challenging environment integrated and consistent reporting and insight across the organisation is crucial, requiring and this will call for a high degree of transparency fundamentally changing how companies provide performance insight capability.This will impact several different areas of the business and necessitates appropriate tools, data structures and processes being in place to enable the capability.

We believe that Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is a key enabler in achieving a company’s commercial and strategic goals and objectives, and that organisations that are effective in this area have a competitive advantage over their rivals. This capability requires strong financial analysis and insight to help the business make better decisions, supported by effective business partnering.

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